Prodotti dettaglio

Founded by Giuseppe Ostuni in 1945, over time Oluce has managed to successfully build a collection that is structured like a rich, multifarious story inhabited by products that are able to go beyond fashion and become icons of Italian design.     In the early 1960s, the company began working with the young Joe Colombo, who would design a number of lamps for Oluce that are in still in production today and was able to perfectly describe the company's aesthetic language. Over the following decade, Oluce's path intertwined with that of Vico Magistretti. One of the masters of Italian design, Magistretti was the company's art director and designer for many years and his unmistakeable style became world famous. In the 1990s and in the first decade of the new millennium, the company worked with international and Italian designers to revamp its collection and these designers incorporated new technologies into Oluce's unique aesthetics.   Thus, the absolute geometries of Vico Magistretti, the now classical modernity of Joe Colombo, the discretion of Tito Agnoli, have been joined by the poetic minimalism of Toshiyuki Kita and Laudani& Romanelli, , the disruptive energy of Emanuel Babled, the dry words of Gordon Guillaumier, Carlo Colombo and Lutz Pankow the expressive research of Francesco Rota, Ferdi Giardini, and Paolo Imperatori  and the concise elegance of Astori/De Ponti and Nendo. The company's most recent projects are designed by Sam Hecht, Jcrg Boner and AngelettiRuzza, who help define Oluce's visual language with lamps that are also sophisticated interior design elements. The company expertly crafts both traditional and more innovative materials, and is able to work with every type of light and create products that fit in beautifully with high-end private and public spaces. Oluce offers an extremely flexible bespoke-product service and is able to study, engineer and create lights for specific contracts.   The company , already present at the IX Triennale di Milano, has won two Compasso d'Oro. One International Design Award, The Gold medal at the XIII Triennale di Milano and its products  appear in the world's most important permanent design collections.