Prodotti dettaglio

The firm of Arizzi Mario & Figli, founded by the owner of the same name more than 30 years ago works with brass, engraving and welding techniques and also makes reproductions of antique chandeliers in a style rarely seen nowadays. From the Baroque to the Empire style, the Liberty to the Dutch style, Arizzi has always reproduced chandeliers, wall brackets, lanterns, lamps, floor-lamps with a technique of lost-wax brass casting using unique and exclusive moulds with special antique gold decorations. This specially crafted burnished brass is forged in their own workshop using processes that have been always used in the course of many years. It also manufactures a considerable number of models commissioned by or designed by the customers themselves. Being in possession of a very well-known brand patent for hand-crafting the firm is now moving forwards with the innovation of new processes and products, and this has now been reinforced by the new input to the firm by Mario’s son Giampiero!