Prodotti dettaglio

The F.B.A.I., art brass foundry which specializes in chandeliers and the production of stylish lamps, creates harmonic lines that reflect the highest quality tradition of italian workmanship, both regarding press fusion and the most traditionally antique style of lost-wax investment casting. The precision of the chiselling, the opulence of the patterns, the high grade of plating techniques all highlight the special aspects of classical styles, such as the richness of details in the Louis XIV style, or the elegance of the Empire style line. But still today, the special attraction of Fbai's products continue to be the accomplished and elegant fusion among brass objects,crystal and the extra-fine hand-decorated porcelain in-house manufactured according to the best artistic traditions. The passionate dedication of Luca and Cristina, who after the passing of their loved and respected father, Mr.Perego, took the reins of the firm, and developed the facility in this small hand-craft specialist firm to create their own brass fusions, pure gold, brass and French gold finishes and to make full use of the synergie of their own porcelain firm (the Tichè, artistic porcelains) and the FBAI have created a great and incomparable line of signature production not only in Italy but all aver the world. Products of larger dimensions are also available, and these are ideal for exclusive customers and to create an extremely luxurious environment.