Prodotti dettaglio

Italamp was founded in 1975 by Mr. Matteo Vitadello who was head of a work group with a strong will and bravery determined to make its début in the lighting world with a classical line particularly dedicated to Murano glass and crystals. Today Italamp has grown from a small handcraft factory to a diamond-point of Italian design thanks to a management system focused on a continuous research of new ideas which tend to innovate the classical traditional shapes and create a new way of thinking and living the light. The collections are divided in four conceptual areas: EPOCA for the crystal tradition with the addition of innovative design; VENEXIA with its traditional leaf in Murano glass as a reminder of the ancient Venetian villas settings; ARMONIA as one of the largest and most exclusive selection of crystal table lamps now available on the market with an expert and refined use of shapes and material; the CONTEMPORANEI with the new creations and experiments of shapes, materials and particular colours; TOUCH DESIGN an exclusive and unique collection inspired by the valuable co-operation of leading architects such as Carlo Colombo, Claesson-Koivisto-Rune, Monica Graffeo, Mauro Lipparini, S. Mazza-A.La Spada, Simone Micheli, Paola Navone, Matteo Thun, Stefano Traverso, Lorenzo Bellini. Italamp strongly launch the Made in Italy entering the “fashion world”, always giving new emotions to its associates and customers. Roberta Vitadello together with Manuela are managing the factory and have created a new image of the company.