“Experience, wisdom and culture naturally melting into curiosity towards the new in a dynamic strive to ever growing horizons - reaching out to the future”

  • PATINAfreccia

    Revisiting tradition through contemporary lines, PATINA presents its new 2011 collections and catalogue

    PATINA's skills and uniqueness lie in the excellence of the decoration technique, thanks to which new raw wood becomes an authentic piece of art, astonishingly beautiful and with an antique flavor: the furniture pieces become dreamful objects, poetry masterpieces one should be capable to properly read and interpret.

    Countering the ever growing simplism and aesthetic minimalism that almost obliterates colors, Patina offers exclusive pieces, unique and with a high intrinsic value – warm furniture with polychrome decorations, perfectly balanced.


    Switching over to the upholstery world

    PINTON enters a new era switching over to a world of endless combinations, with upholstery playing a pivot role in their whole production program.

    The two new lines - MADRID-BERLIN and ISTANBUL-VENICE collections - are each inspired to a specific concept: rationality for the first,  modern romanticism for the latter.

    The result is a variety of choices and innovative solutions, with the aim to offer the client maximum versatility.